Updates from the TF

This week, on June 21 and 22nd, the AI and Writing Task Force (a joint group of the Modern Language Association and the Conference on College Composition and Communication held an in-person retreat at Google Learning Center in New York City.

Recognizing the significant implications of AI technology on the fields and subfields represented by the two organizations, the group is working toward a prioritized list of short and long term goals and outputs, with the goal of supporting our classroom and scholarship. In Spring 2023, it conducted a survey of members’ attitudes and needs and published a Quick Start Guide to AI and Writing.

During the retreat, the task force has worked toward the following goals: 

  • Finalized the first of several working papers that will lay out the issues and implications, express shared values of the organizations, and provide information to members about how large language models like ChatGPT (and others) are likely to affect their work. 
  • Finalized topics for additional working papers and planned for an MLA/CCCC-sponsored webinar to be held on July 26 (11 a.m. Pacific/2pm eastern by members of the Task Force. 
  • Met with Executive Directors Emily Kirkpatrick (National Council of Teachers of English) and Paula Krebs (Modern Language Association) for a dialogue about organizational needs and updates on the work of the task force. 
  • Planned for grant-fundable projects to support long-term professional resource development for students, educators, and scholars in relation to Large Language Models and future AI technology that will affect literacy education. 
  • Met with a representative from Google to learn more about the future of AI and writing. 
  • Discussed possible statements or responses to federal requests for public comment.

The Task Force is chaired by Holly Hassel (hjhassel@mtu.edu) and Elizabeth Losh (lizlosh@gmail.com) who can be reached for queries about the task force‚Äôs work. 

Task force members at a table in a conference room.
Task Force Members gathered in NYC to set priorities, meet with organizational leaders, and finalize our first working paper.