The Modern Language Association and Conference on College Composition and Communication have formed a joint task force (co-chairs Holly Hassel and Elizabeth Mathews Losh) to develop resources, guidelines, and professional standards around the use of AI and writing.

Committee Charge

This joint task force will work to address a number of member needs related to Writing and AI (Large Language Models, ChatGPT, LaMBA, etc.) such as the following: 

  • Taking stock of the current state of the issue and identifying implications for teachers, students, organizations, and scholars
  • Creating community for members to share resources
  • Creating resources that will synthesize, set professional standards, and make recommendations/provide guidance to members
  • Supporting and mapping out promising directions of scholarly interest for learning more about the issue


Antonio Byrd (U of Missouri, Kansas City)
Leonardo Flores (Appalachian State U)
Angela Gibson (MLA, staff liaison)
David Green (Howard U)
Holly Hassel (Michigan Technological U); ch
Sarah Z. Johnson (Madison C)
Matthew Kirschenbaum (U of Maryland, College Park)
A. Lockett (independent scholar)
Elizabeth Mathews Losh (William & Mary); ch
Anna Mills (City C of San Francisco)

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